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Commerce 221-books

S.No. Title of the Book Author
01 A History of Money and Banking in the United States Murray N. Rothbard
02 A trader's Money Management System Bennett A. McDowell
03 Accounting and Financial Analysis in the Hospitality Industry Jonathan A. Hales
04 Accounting and Financial Management International Jonathan A. Hales
05 Accounting Best Practices 3rd Edn. Steven M. Bragg
06 Accounting for Managers Paul M. Collier
07 Accounting for Non-accountants 6th Edition Graham Mott
08 Accounting, Taxation, and Corporate Governance Dirk Kiesewetter
09 Advanced Financial Accounting, 7th Edn. Richard Lewis
10 Advances in Management Accounting Vol. - 9 Marc Epstein
11 Agent Mediated Electronic Commerce -II J.G. Carbonell
12 Agribusiness Management 4th Edn. Freddie Barnard
13 Bank Probationary Officers Common Written Exam T.S. Jain
14 Beginning PHP and MySQL e-commerce 2nd edition Cristian Darie
15 Building e-commerce sites with Drupal Commerce cookbook Richard Carter
16 Building E-Commerce Solutions with WooCommerce, 2nd Edition Robbert Ravensbergen
17 Business Environment and Law Secretaries of India
18 Business Ethics - International Trade Administration U.S. Dept. of Commerce
19 Business Law 2014- From Private M&A to Cybersecurity Oregon State Bar
20 Business Law 2nd Edn. Stephen Judge
21 Business law 4th edn David Kelly
22 Business law 9th Edn. Sarah Riches
23 Business Law An Introduction Jason M. Gordon
24 Business law Ethics and communication Accounts of India
25 Business Law in Europe Maarten J. Ellis
26 Business Law Now Part-I Maarten J. Ellis
27 Business Law Now Part-II Maarten J. Ellis
28 Business Law Text and Cases 13th Edn. Kenneth W. Clarkson
29 Business Law The Life of Deal Oregon State Bar
30 Business Project Management and Marketing Michael Kleinaltenkamp
31 Business Relationship Management and Marketing Michael Kleinaltenkamp
32 Business Valuation & Taxes David Laro
33 Capital Market Analysis & Corporate Laws Accounts of India
34 Capital Markets, Financial Management, and Investment Manage Frank J. Fabozzi
35 Challenging Boardroom Homogeneity Aaron A. Dhir
36 CIMA C2 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting CIMA
37 CIMA C5 Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Busi CIMA
38 Comparative Company Law Andreas Cahn
39 Construction accounting Financial management 2nd edition Steven J. Peterson
40 Consumer Behavior, Organizational Development, and Electronic Mehdi Khosrow
41 Corporate & Business Law 2012 ACCA
42 Corporate Accountability for Human Rights Abuses FIDH
43 Corporate Accountability Guide Version Web FIDH
44 Corporate Accountability in International Environmental Law Elisa Morgera
45 Corporate Accounting Information Systems Tony Boczko
46 Corporate Accounting Practices is There a Credibility Gaap U.S. Government
47 Corporate and Business Law ACCA
48 Corporate and Business Law 2011 ACCA
49 Corporate and Business Law 2012 ACCA
50 Corporate and Business Law 2015 ACCA
51 Corporate and Business Laws Lovely Professional Uni.
52 Corporate and Management Accounting Secretaries of India
53 Corporate and Personal Insolvency Law 2nd Edn. Fiona Tolmie
54 Corporate Boards in Law and Practice Paul Davies
55 Corporate Bodies and Guilty Minds Wlliam S. Laufer
56 Corporate Citizenship, Contractarianism and Ethical Theory Jesus Conill
57 Corporate Financial Accounting & Reporting, 2nd Edn. Tim Sutton
58 Corporate Governance Accountability, Enterprise and Internation Kevin Keasey
59 Corporate Governance and Contingency Theory Abdul Ghofar
60 Corporate Governance and Finance Law Roy Girasa
61 Corporate Governance and Financial Management Siti Nuryanah
62 Corporate Governance and Securities Laws in the United States H aLawrence Goodman
63 Corporate Governance Does Any Size Fit Cherly R. Lehman
64 Corporate Governance in Developing Economies Robert W. McGee
65 Corporate Governance in the Common Law World Christopher M. Bruner
66 Corporate Insolvency Law Perspectives and Principles Vanessa Finch
67 Corporate Law & Governance ICPAP
68 Corporate law and practice of the Netherlands Steven R. Schuit
69 Corporate Laws & Compliance Accountants of India
70 Corporate reporting and Company Law Charlotte Villiers
71 Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting in Developing Countries Ataur Rahman Belal
72 Corporate Sovereignty Law and Government under Capitalism Joshua Barkan
73 Corporations Crime and Accountability Robert E. Goodin
74 Cost Accounting & Financial Management Vol. I Accounts of India
75 Cost Accounting A Managerial Emphasis 14th Edition Charles T. Horngren
76 Cost Accounting A managerial Emphasis 2nd Edn. Horngren
77 Cost Accounting Foundations and Evolutions 8th Edn. Michael R. Kinney
78 Cost and Management Accountancy Accounts of India
79 Cost and Management Accounting An Introduction Colin Drury
80 Cost Management Accounting and Control, 5th Edition Don R. Hansen
81 Data Mining Techniques 2nd Edition Michael J.A. Berry
82 e-commerce 2004 Nitya Karmakar
83 e-Commerce 2025 Hendrik Rbeck
84 e-Commerce and M-Commerce Technologies Candace Deans
85 e-Commerce Business, Technology & Society Kenneth C. Laudon
86 e-Commerce Patterns Using WebSphere Commerce Suite IBM
87 e-Commerce Trends for Organizational Advancement Mehdi Khosrow-Pour
88 Economic Survey of India 2017-18 ixamBee
89 Elements of Business Laws and Management Secretaries of India
90 Encyclopedia of e-commerce, e-government, and mobile commer Mehdi Khosrow-Pour
91 Enterprise Marketing Management Dave Sutton
92 Entrepreneurship and innovation in e-Business Fang Zhao
93 Equity Valuation Models from Leading Investment Banks Jan Viebig
94 Essential Law for Your Business Patricia Clayton
95 Essentials of Business Law 3rd Edition Ewan MacIntyre
96 Essentials of Business Law and the Legal Environment Richard A. Mann
97 Essentials of Marketing Geoff Lancaster
98 EU Prospectus Law New Perspectives on Regulatory Competition i Pie rre Schamm o
99 Events Management A Practicle Guide EventScotland
100 Finacial, Treasury and forex Management Secretaries of India
101 Financial Accounting ACCA
102 Financial Accounting 2nd Edn. David Alexamder
103 Financial Accounting An Integrated Statements Approach Jonathan E. Duchac
104 Financial Accounting and Reporting CPA Australia
105 Financial accounting and reporting II 2015 CA Pakistan
106 Financial Accounting International 2010 ACCA
107 Financial and Management Accounting SAP
108 Financial and Managerial Accounting 12th Edn. Carl S. Warren
109 Financial Management Paramasivan .C
110 Financial Risk Management 2nd Edn. Steven Allen
111 Financial Risk Manager Handbook 2nd Edition Carl S. Warren
112 Fixed Income Markets Management, Trading and Hedging Moorad Choudhry
113 Foreign Exchange and Money Markets Bob Steiner
114 Fundamentals of Cost Accounting 3rd Edition William N. Lanen
115 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting CIMA
116 Gilbert Law Summaries on Corporations Jesse H. Choper
117 Global Marketing 5th Edn. Foreign Entry
118 Global Marketing Management Masaaki Kotabe
119 Global Marketing Management 5th Edn. Masaaki Kotabe
120 Global Markets, Domestic Institutions Curtis J. Milhaupt
121 Global wine Tourism Research management and marketing Jack Carlsen
122 Governing the Corporation Justin O’Brien
123 Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice Michael Armstrong
124 Hidden Financial Risk J. Edward Ketz
125 ICAP Business Law ICAP
126 Icarus in the Boardroom David Skeel
127 Integrated Reporting Cristiano Busco
128 International Exchanges on Communication Management Margarita Kefalaki
129 International Financial Management 9th Edn Jeff Madura
130 International Marketing Management Rai Technology University
131 International Marketing Management Text and Cases U.C. Mathur
132 International Trade and Business Law, Policy and Ethics Peter Gillies
133 Internationales Marketing Management Ralph Berndt
134 Introduction to Electronic Commerce and Social Commerce Efraim Turban
135 Introduction to Financial Accounting Henry Dauderis
136 Introduction to Healthcare Quality Management Patricespath
137 Introduction to US Export Controls for the Commercial Space Indu U.S. Dept. of Commerce
138 Investment Banking Joshua Rosenbaum
139 Investment Banks Hedge Funds Private Equity David P. Stowell
140 Islamic Finance Instruments and Markets Bloomsbury
141 Law & Capitalism Curtos J . Milhaupt
142 Law Express Business Law Ewan MacIntyre
143 Law the American Corporation and Society Fenner Leland Stewart
144 Le Plan Marketing Philippe V
145 Legal Strategies How Corporations Use Law to Improve Performan Antoine Masson
146 Management leadership skills CorNu Enterprises
147 Management and Cost Accounting 4th Edition Alnoor Bhimani
148 Management and Cost Accounting 6th Edn. Alnoor Bhimani
149 Management and Cost Accounting 8th Edition Colin
150 Management et Marketing du Luxe Michel Chevaliar
151 Management in the Airline Industry Geraint Harvey
152 Managerial Accounting Susan V. Crosson
153 Managerial Accounting 8th Edition Don R. Hansen
154 Managerial and Cost Accounting Susan V. Crosson
155 Markeing Management 12th Edn. Philip Kotler
156 Market Based Management Roger J. Best
157 Market Consistency Model Calibration in Imperfect Markes Malcolm H.D. Kemp
158 Marketing and management models Helen Strong
159 Marketing and Social Construction Chris Hackley
160 Marketing for Small Business Institutes in Poland Gerald E. Hills
161 Marketing Management (CCE) CCE
162 Marketing Management (We School) We School
163 Marketing Management 14th Edition Philip Kotler
164 Marketing Management Essentials of Marketing LPU
165 Marketing management for BBA Government of Rajasthan
166 Marketing management for Non Marketing managers Heather Fitzpatrick
167 Marketing Management Millenium Edition 10th Edition Philip Kotler
168 Marketing Management Text and Cases David Loudon
169 Marketing merchandising management procurement Deli Business
170 Marketing Strategy, 5th Edition O.C. Ferrell
171 Mishkin and Eakins Financial Markets and Institutions 7th Edition Frederic S. Mishkin
172 Modern day retail marketing management Venkatesh Ganapathi
173 Money Banking the Financial System R. Glenn Hubbard
174 Multimodal Safety Management and Human Factors Jose M. Anca
175 National Corporate Law Moot Court Competition EventScotland
176 National Income 1954 U.S. Dept. of Commerce
177 New Trends in Finance and Accounting David Procházka
178 Nonprofit Marketing Walter Wymer
179 Organisation mondiale du commerce Hakan Nordstrom
180 Pareto's 80 20 Rule for Corporate Accountants David Parmenter
181 Performance Management and Performance Measurement CMA
182 Practice Manual Cost and Management Accounting Secretaries of India
183 Principles of Cost Accounting Edward J. Vanderbeck
184 Principles of Marketing Philip Kotler
185 Public Marketing Stefanie Wesselmann
186 Quality Management in the context of Educational Marketing Bulgaria training
187 Relationship Marketing Adrian Payne
188 Research in Accounting in Emerging Economies John M. Samuels
189 Retail marketing management David Gilbert
190 Risk Management and Financial Institutions 4th Edition John C. Hull
191 Risk Management in Commodity Markets H´elyette Geman
192 Sales and Marketing Management Biz Bite
193 Sams Teach Yourself E-Commerce Programming with ASP in 21 Da Stephen Walther
194 Sams Teaching Yourself Today e-Banking Mary Dixon
195 SAP ERP Financial Accounting and Controlling Andrew .O
196 Selling and Sales Management 8th David Jobber
197 Services Marketing Management 3rd Edition Peter Mudie
198 Six Sigma for Marketing Processes Clyde M. Creveling
199 Sports Entertainment Marketing Text Book Ken Kesar
200 Statistics for Economics Accounting and Business Studies 4th Editi Michael Barrow
201 Stock Options and the New Rules of Corporate Accountability Donald P. Delves
202 Strategic Management Board of Studies
203 Strategic Management and Business Policy Thomas L. Wheelen
204 Strategic Management of Market Niches Gorazd Ocvirk
205 Strategic Marketing Management Association of Business Ex
206 Supply Chain Integration Challenges in Commercial Aerospace KlausRichter
207 The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management Dale Littler
208 The Constitutional Corporation Stephen Ottomley
209 The Corporation, Law and Capitalism Grietje Baars
210 The Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets 11th Ed Frederic S. Mishkin
211 The Failure of Corporate Law kent greenfield
212 The Finance and Accounting Desktop Guide Ralph Tiffin
213 The Law of Business Organizations Martin Schulz€
214 The Law of Corporate Finance General Principles Volume -II Petri M¨antysaari
215 The Law of Corporate Finance General Principles Volume -III Petri M¨antysaari
216 The Law of Corporations Angela Schneeman
217 The Therapeutic Corporation James Tucker
218 The Transparent Leader H erbbaum
219 Total Management by Ratios Hrishikes Bhattacharya
220 Trading Systems and Money Management Thomas .S
221 Understanding Business and Personal Law Gordon W. Brown