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Research Publications

Sl.No Type Department Name of the Faculty Title and Details of the Publciation Name of the Journal Number of Publication Average Impact Factor (If any)
1 International Psychology Dr.S.Asha Rani A Systematic review on the impact of Alchol dependency implications for future research and practice International Journal of Research and Analytical reviews 6(1), PP. 417X March -2019, ISSN : 2348-1269 4.236
2 International Psychology Dr.S.Asha Rani Impact of stress among parents of children having hearing impairment Research Review Journal Vol.4 (5), May-2019, ISSN : 2455-3085 5.164
3 International Microbiology Dr.Ch.Santhi Devi Microbiological and physiochemical quality of potable water in kasipatnam, agency area, Andhra pradesh European journal of biomedical and pharmaceutical science(EJBPS) Jan-19 5.75
4 International Microbiology Dr.Ch.Santhi Devi A Comparative Study of Microbial Analysis of Drinking water in Pinnakota and Rampallepanchayats in AnanthagiriMandal, Visakhapatnam, Andhra pradesh International Journal of Research and Analytical reviews Vol.6 (2), June-2019, ISSN : 2349-5138 5.75
5 International Chemistry Dr.Ch.S.Anuradha Phytobiological Cu-Zn bimetallic nanoparticles sysnthesis, characterizatrion its applications for photo degradation of malachite green dye and antimicrobial activitiy(p 768-781) Internatinal Journal of Green and Herbal Chemistry Link Vo.8(3) August-2019, P.No.768-781, ISSN : 2278-3229 1.92
6 International Economics Smt.Ch.Lakshmi Performance of various financial institutions in implementing PMMY-An Analytical study Think India Journal Vo.22(14) Pg.No1289, Dec.2019, ISSN : 0971-1260 0
7 International Botany Smt. AHD PUSHPALATHA Evaluation of sodium chloride streee tolerance in finger millet (Eleusine Coracan L.) cultivars by observing morphological characters International Journal of Advanced Research Vol 7(9), pp 149-153, Sept 2019, ISSN : 2320-5407 4.5
8 International Botany Smt. AHD PUSHPALATHA Isolation and characterization of halotolerant bacteria from saline habitats International Journal for innovative research in Multidisplinary field, IF:4.5 Vol 5(10) pp 1-7, Oct-2019, ISSN : 2455-0620 6.497
9 International Botany Smt.S.Padmavathi Physio chemical status of effluent discharged from a chlor-alkali industry containing mercury at ganjam (odissa) Life science buleetin Volume 16(1&2) 2019: 93-97,ISSN : 0973-5453 0
10 International Biotechnology Dr.R.Haritha Development of silver nanoparticle loaded green activated carbon as an efficient composite material for removal of pathogenic bacteria in drinking water samples of mudasarlova reservoir in visakhapatnam International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews Vol.6(2) 662 June-2019 ISSN : 2349-5138 5.75
11 International Physics Dr.R.Manjula Synthesis, characterization of sargassum multicum aqueous extract mediated silver doped zinc nanoparticles for antimicrobial activity World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacuitical Sciences Vol.8(5), 2019, ISSN:2278-4357 7.421