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Jawahar Knowledge Centre (JKC) is organizing Mega Job drive on 06-04-2022, 12 companies are attending the JOB drive to recruit qualified aspirants.

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Seminar Workshops

Number of Seminars/conferences/workshops conducted by the institution during the year

Year Name of the workshop/ seminar Number of Participants Date From – To Link to the Activity report on the website
2020-2021 International Webinar (Covid 19 Challenges, Preparedness and Management 80 5/15/2020
2020-2021 National Webinar on Majors for Quality enhancement and sustenance in Highrer Education 160 6/3/2020 -
2020-2021 National Webinar on Issues and Role of IPR in Academia 96 8/7/2020 -
2020-2021 International Webinar on Future Education : Covid 19 after math 100 05-10-2020 to 07-10-2020 link
2020-2021 NATIONAL HINDI ONLINE WORKSHOP 14.09.2020 TO 22.09.2020 100 14-09-2020 to 22-09-2020 link
2020-2021 International Webinar on Physical Fitness 140 10/16/2020 -
2020-2021 National Webinar on DELNET Konwledge gainer Portal 54 11/20/2020 -
2020-2021 State Online Workshop on Quality Management System 40 10/13/2020 -
2020-2021 Work shop on Digital marketing 95 12/3/2020 -
2020-2021 Work shop on Training of Teachers on e-content development & OERs 22 2/10/2021 -
2020-2021 Online Workshop -Faculty Development Program-MOOCs SWAYAM and e-Learning Tools 44 15-06-2020 to 22-06-2020 -
2020-2021 Workshop on Advanced Technologies & Artificial Intelligence 75 3/6/2021 -
2020-2021 Workshop on CYBER SECURITY AWARENESS PROGRAM 136 10/28/2021 -
2020-2021 Workshop on Fitnss in a Minute 36 3/20/2021 -

Seminars/ Conferences/Workshops organized & the source of funding

  1. Organized a Two-day National seminar in Hindi, in collaboration with Hindi SahityaKiran, financial assistance given by University Grants Commission, South Eastern Regional Office, and Hyderabad on 13th and 14th February, 2012, at Visakha Government Degree College, Visakahpatnam.
  2. Organized a One-day Workshop in Hindi entitled ‘To-day’s Hindi’, on 25th November, 2013, at Visakha Government Degree College, Visakhapatnam.
  3. Organized a national seminar entitled ’Nature and environment in literature on 2ndDecember, 2014 in Visakhapatnam in collaboration with Haritvasundhara ,Patna, Bihar
  4. . Biodiversity & phytoluxurniance as a way and means for eternal green globe: national Seminar funded by UGC SEROconducted by department on botany, june 2015 .
  5. A National Seminar on ‘Human Values in Literature’ in collaboration with ‘Tejasvi Astitva’ Human Rights Association and Web news channel in the month of January, 2017.
  6. A National Seminar on ‘Women Today A ground Reality and Empowerment’ in collaboration with ‘Tejasvi Astitva’ Human Rights Association on March 2018.
  7. Conducted national workshop on Foldscope by Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology 2018
  8. organized A National Seminar on continuous professional development in English in collaboration with CPD 19 on 30th June 2019
  9. organized A National Workshop on ‘Higher Education Today’ (A SWOC Analyisis) in collaboration with ‘Tejasvi Astitva’ foundation on 23rd june, 2019
  10. organized A National Seminar on ‘visionary women’ (peace, nonviolence,) in collaboration with ‘Tejasvi Astitva’ foundation on 12th September, 2019
  11. organized A state level Seminar on ‘violence against women’ in collaboration with ‘AIDWA’ November,2019
  12. organized An International Webinar on ‘covid 19- challenges, preparedness and managment (A global perspective,) in collaboration with ‘Tejasvi Astitva’ foundation on 15th may, 2020 .
  13. organized An International Webinar on ‘future education and career: covid aftermath in collaboration with ‘Tejasvi Astitva’ foundation on 5th, 6th ,7th October, 2020
  14. . organized a national online 9 days Hindi national workshop from 14th sept 2020 to 22nd sept 2020
  15. . organized international webinar on ‘fitness a defensive path for corona virus’ physical fitness by physical education department 16th October 2020
  16. A national webinar on DELNET November 2020 by the department of library science November 2020